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Everyone, both girls and boys, must have the risk of getting any kind of disease. Sometimes from outside the physical looks healthy, but it turns out that in his body there is a disease of danger that has begun to develop. Until finally known when it was severe. Even though if you get used to getting your health checked by a doctor regularly, perhaps dangerous diseases can be detected early. No exception for girls who have several health risks.

Some diseases never see how old you are when you attack your body’s immune system. Because it’s as much as possible for girls in their 20s to begin to stiffen their own health conditions. At least some of the health tests below have started your routine. Don’t you often hear cliched advice about behind a healthy body, there are thoughts that are also strong? And these two heads are the most productive ages for anyone, including you!

1. Young age does not mean you ignore blood pressure tests, cholesterol thyroid function, liver or your kidney function

Girls don’t only have a greater risk of anemia, but also other diseases such as thyroid, cholesterol, and even diabetes. The average lifestyle is one of the causes of such health problems. For example, you are an active girl, but every day you forget to eat foods that contain lots of vitamins or minerals, especially iron. While every month your blood comes out quite a lot during menstruation.

Making you still have to do a complete blood check-up test, ranging from pressure, cholesterol levels, to sugar in the blood. Then the test that is not less important is the thyroid because this disease is also one of the common health problems faced by girls.

2. Because healthy skin is not only free of zits or glowing, you still need to do a skin cancer test

Who says that white, smooth and radiant skin is always healthy ?! While today these three things are somehow an absolute benchmark for every woman. To the extent that they are willing to take care of starting from injecting vitamins or using this cream for the sake of getting white skin, smooth and radiant.

Even though the use of whitening creams can actually make you at risk of developing dangerous diseases such as skin cancer. Remember there are many chemicals that sometimes you don’t know enter through your pores every day. Not to mention the effect of solar radiation that is now getting worse.

So for the sake of yourself, at least every month you can check your skin independently. Even if you find some new moles that grow, and look suspicious. You can immediately do a medical check up on the dermatologist.

3. Pap smear every 3 years, remembering the uterus is the most important thing for a woman, especially if you are actively having sex

As you know, cervical cancer is one of the most frightening diseases for every woman. In addition to the matter of the uterus that must be removed if the disease is already at an advanced stage, this disease is also one of the biggest causes of death for women. So even if you are still easy at least every three to five years, you need to do a post-smear test. Especially for those of you who have been sexually active.

4. Breast cancer test either alone or directly to a specialist so that later you can give your child exclusive breastfeeding

In addition to cervical cancer, there is also breast cancer which is both a frightening specter for you girls. This disease also attacks regardless of age, even at the age of 18 or 19. Even though both the uterus and the breast itself are important organs for every woman. Later from your womb, a tiny baby will develop. Then your breasts will be the first food and drink for your children later.

So even if you don’t do a mammogram every five years to see a doctor, you can still check independently every day while taking a shower. You can feel your breasts yourself, feel whether there are lumps that roughly steal or not. Or from this young age, you can do prevention with a healthy lifestyle.

5. Look again at your diet and life, so you know about diseases such as stomach acid or not

Maybe people are more familiar with ulcers. But actually stomach acid and ulcers have significant differences. While both stomach ulcers or stomach acid are often still underestimated by people. Maybe it really wasn’t severe when the disease was still in its early stages. But unfortunately, if it’s in the chronic stage, you have to be very careful with food intake to your lifestyle.

At least you need to know that this disease sometimes starts with irregular eating habits because of a fairly busy schedule. Whereas what you eat or drink is not considered properly. Like when the stomach is empty, you casually consume coffee. Or once you eat, you eat very spicy food. And actually, there are still many causes of this disease.

But for sure you have to do a complete health check from an early age. After all, all this for your good too.