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One of the activities did when there is no work is scrolling Instagram. In fact, many forget the time when they are immersed in ‘life’ in it. No wonder, because Instagram offers almost all the features of social media in general. Both photos, videos, search through hashtags, live broadcasts, and what people use most often, Instastory!

Well, talking about Instastory, you’re sure to be curious about how the celebrities there make their stories. The problem is the story is good and neat as made by a pro graphic designer! While you yourself make the most stories with photos overwritten by writing. And even then it is … a little really see.

1. Now forget the dizzying design software and make that slow laptop. Now you can make a nice Instastory through your cell phone!

Previously, you must have the Canva application first. This application can be downloaded on Google Play or the App Store. So it’s fair right, Android and Apple users can use it all. One more important thing, this application is free!

2. The first step, open the application and select the theme that you want to use for your Instructor

After you have this Canva application on your cell phone, just open it. On the homepage, you will find the display above. To make a celebrity style Instastory, you simply slide your screen up and you will find a choice of themes. Now, for more theme choices, just click ‘See All’. Just choose the theme you want to use.

3. Then choose which photo you want to display. You don’t have to have many photos, just use one photo!

Okay, after selecting one theme, now is the time for you to enter the photo that you will display in your Instastory later. Tap on one of the photo columns. Or if you don’t have beautiful photos to display, Canva also provides free use of photos that you can choose via the ‘Image’ menu.
You can also edit photos that you want to use through the ‘Filter’ menu. There you can use presets that have been provided or you can also edit them manually by pressing the ‘Advanced Filters’ menu.

4. Add the writing to make your Instastory even more fun! The way is this ~

To be more attractive, you can also add posts to your Instastory. Say bye for this type of writing just like on Instagram, because here you can choose many types of writing. You can also adjust how much you write. Even with the thickness, distance, and the left and center flat. Steady!

5. If you want to write a long sentence, you can add more writing

This application does not limit the amount of writing you want to use. If you want to write something long, you just add the writing below. You do this by pressing the (+) button on the lower right side of your cell phone screen. For writing settings, it’s still the same as above ~

6. Do you want to change the background color? Oh, really!

Almost all Instastory backgrounds offered by Canva use white. But if you don’t like it, you can replace it with other colors. The method is simply by pressing the background and selecting the solid colors offered. Unfortunately, this solid color choice is limited. You also can’t copy colors like other design applications.

7. The way to store it is easy. You just press the menu at the top right and tara! Your Instastory is saved

The photos have been neatly arranged, the captions are good and according to taste, even though the background color is already easy to feel, now is the time to save all your work! The method is really easy, after all, okay you just press the menu that has the arrow above on the right side of the screen of your cell phone. Wait a minute then already! The sleek instantly has also been stored in your cell phone’s memory.

Now making Instastory that likes a pro like the celebrities is no longer a dream. According to the results of the trial, the estimated manufacturing time is only about 5 minutes. Just open your cell phone, enter a photo, enter a caption, then save it! You have got the ‘wow’ Instastory. After this, practice. Don’t be surprised if your friends reply to your Instastory with “How do you make it?”.