5 Causes of Headaches in the Back

Pain in the head can attack any part of the head, including the back. Back headaches will certainly make you uncomfortable because it interferes with daily activities. So, what’s the cause?

Various causes of back headaches
1. Cluster headaches
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Cluster headaches are a type of headache that only occurs on one side of the head. Pain is usually quite strong, sedentary, not pulsing, and feels deep inside the head.

Pain in the back due to cluster headaches will get worse when you lie flat on your back because the backside of the head that is the source of pain is under great pressure. Other symptoms that must be considered are nausea, restlessness, and eyelids that are red, runny, and drooping.

2. Occipital neuralgia

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Occipital neuralgia is a condition when the occipital nerve that connects the spinal cord and head is impaired. This condition results in a piercing back headache. In addition, you may also feel tangled behind the eyes, pain when moving the neck, and glare when looking at bright light.

3. Tense headaches

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Tension headaches are one of the common causes of back headaches. The pain can last more or less 30 minutes or even seven days.

Back headaches due to tension headaches are usually quite mild, but some people can complain of very severe pain.

Fatigue, lack of sleep, late eating, arthritis, lack of drinking fluids, and pain due to sinusitis are thought to be the cause of tension headaches.

4. Most take headache medication

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Occasionally taking headache medicine is not a problem. But if you drink it more than two or three times a week, and for a long time, it can actually worsen your back headache.

This condition is called a rebound headache. A rebound headache is a recurring headache due to excessive use of a substance – such as a headache medicine.

5. A Migraine

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Any head, including the back, is an easy target for migraine attacks. A migraine is synonymous with severe pulsating pain that will complicate your daily activities, it can even take place in a matter of hours to several days. Usually, the more you age, the more migraine attacks can get worse.