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During this time you might be wondering why often feel cold alone, even though the air is hot. This makes you often labeled as a costume. When other people use T-shirts, you just add an outer such as a jacket. It’s often weird, but what do you want, it’s cold!

Many factors make this body condition like this. As reported by Reader’s Digest, some of them are because your body needs more vitamin B12, is underweight, and lacks adequate rest. For more details, see the following review.

1. Low iron levels can result in cold hands and feet

Parts of the body that often feel cold are usually on the hands and feet. This happens because of low iron levels. Red blood cells in the body need iron to carry oxygen into the blood. Thus, low iron levels can cause oxygen to not be carried evenly throughout the body. To increase iron levels, you should multiply the consumption of green vegetables, peas, and do not forget to consume vitamin C such as red chili for maximum absorption.

2. Often feeling cold also indicates that your body needs more vitamin B12

Cold often indicates that your body needs more vitamin B12. Well, there is a lot of vitamin B12 from animal foods such as eggs and cheese. FYI, vitamin B12 and iron help distribute heat throughout the body. Therefore if the content is lacking, the red blood cells cannot work effectively and cause the body to become cold.

3. Having a less ideal body weight and far below the standard is one reason

Thin body is one of the reasons you often feel cold. This is because the amount of fat in your body is small, so that the body is difficult to hold heat properly. To increase weight, you can multiply the consumption of calorie-dense foods with good fats such as peanut butter and full-fat yogurt.

4. You stay up late and are reluctant to take a nap

Staying up late almost every night for completing tasks or just playing a cell phone makes you cold. For example, when you wake up in the morning, your hands and feet are cold, not even cold and sneezing. This is compounded by you who are reluctant to take a nap. A body that is tired and forced to stay active can slow down your metabolism, so during the day you still feel cold.

5. Not only lack of sleep, but you are also dehydrated

When your body lacks water, the body cannot circulate blood effectively. Understandably, the human body consists of 60 percent of water, so water plays an important role in controlling body temperature. So don’t be surprised if you become very sensitive to temperature. Therefore, you should just consume at least 8 glasses of mineral water per day. Especially before and after a lot of energy.

6. Not only lack of weight, but fat intake because you are on a low-fat diet is also another reason

Not only those who have less weight, but you who are also a low-fat diet program can also experience. Remember not when the air is cold, you want to eat fatty foods so that your body is full and feels warmer? A low-fat diet does not mean you are fasting for consumption of fatty foods.

7. Poor body circulation causes your body to often feel cold

Often cold comes from poor body circulation. For example, if it’s just the hands and feet that are cold, there might be a problem with your blood circulation. This can be due to heart disease – which makes jatung unable to work optimally such as pumping blood effectively. So, blood doesn’t reach your fingers and toes properly. It is recommended, you need to exercise lightly regularly.

Now, you can begin to repair everything your body needs. For the sake of the body it doesn’t feel cold during the day.