The most effective method to PROPERLY TAKE CARE OF YOUR HAIR 

Take one moment to consider all that you do to your hair.

Cleanser, conditioner, dry cleanser, hair shower, surface splash, mousse… Now consider the majority of the warmth you apply to it-straighteners, blow dryer, hair curling accessory… And on the off chance that you color your hair, that is a great deal of synthetic compounds.

The majority of that can truly cause significant damage, on your hair, however your scalp also! Did you realize you should treat your scalp like you would the skin all over? Primary concern: a sound scalp = solid hair!

Continue looking to peruse a few hints to keep your scalp sound and your hair perfect!


So you shed your face, your body, even your feet, and hands-however when was the last time you peeled your scalp? The majority of that item and oil develop can be genuinely obstructing you. The CINCteam and I adore the Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub and the Christophe Robin Cleansing and Volumizing Paste. It may appear somewhat illogical to put something grainy onto your head, however you’ll be so astounded at how much lighter and cleaner your hair feels a while later! Simply work it into your scalp and flush it out. With respect to the request, I’d cleanser, at that point Scalp Scrub, at that point condition however in case you’re utilizing the Cleansing and Volumizing glue, you can really utilize that as your cleanser!

This is particularly significant on the off chance that you color your hair!


So there’s a truly opportunity of a lifetime your washing your hair all off-base. As a matter of first importance, you should not be washing your hair consistently. Shoot for 2 to 3 times each week. Furthermore, when you do wash your hair, you should just apply cleanser to your underlying foundations, not through the length of your hair and back rub your scalp. When molding, just apply the item on the finishes of your hair and not your scalp.

3. Express YES TO OILS 

Hair oils are an extraordinary item to have in your hair weapons store. They make your locks look additional glossy and give wavy or wavy hair an additional lift and agreeable frizz! They’re even extraordinary for styling-think restraining fly-aways and getting the sleekest braids. Obviously, a little goes far! I cherish utilizing a couple of drops of either the Rodin Hair Oil or the Ouai Hair oil to work through the closures of my sodden hair.

Another incredible method to utilize hair oil is to utilize it sort of like a hair veil! This one from Christophe Robin is explicitly intended to be utilized pre-cleanser treatment. You put it all over your hairline and the finishes of your hair and abandon it in either medium-term or for around an hour prior to you wash your hair, at that point wash it out as you regularly would! It gets your hair super saturated and helps fix it from warmth harm + contamination.

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4. Back rub YOUR SCALP 

In addition to the fact that it feels great, yet a decent scalp knead gets your blood flowing in your scalp to advance hair development! It additionally fortifies the foundations of your hair AND advances better rest. Thus, regardless of whether you’re not washing your hair that night, give yourself a little two-minute scalp rub before you go to bed. You’ll be astounded at how loosened up you’ll feel!


Dry cleanser is an enchanted item that is essentially life getting updated, isn’t that so? Yet, there can be an overdose of something that is otherwise good. While dry cleanser is incredible as a handy solution the majority of that item develop isn’t useful for your scalp or your hair. Consider it along these lines would you rest with cosmetics on and after that heap on MORE cosmetics when you get up the following morning? Didn’t think so.

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That’s right, you read that right. Brush your hair when it’s dry, not when it’s wet. At the point when your hair is wet it gets much increasingly flexible and hence it can extend simpler. So on the off chance that you brush it out when it’s wet, your hair can stretch and break! Rather, brush your hair before you wash it. Begin from the finishes and stir your way up!