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Thanks to technological developments, many things make our work easier, including household affairs. If we used to have to wash by hand, then there is a technology called washing machine. Without the need or even brushed, the clothes that will be washed live put in the machine. The time-consuming and labor-intensive work has now become even easier to leave while working on other work.

However, that does not mean the washing machine is a perfect invention so that it can adjust to our needs. It is precisely we who have to adjust to the use or the way this washing machine works. Therefore, at least there are 6 important things that you should not ignore when washing with a machine if you don’t want your clothes to break quickly ~

1. Not all clothes can be washed using high water temperatures

Clothing will keep the shape and color longer if washed using lower temperatures. Even though higher temperatures are intentionally used for disinfection, the use of warm water or cold water can still overcome dirt during the washing machine and detergent you choose right. Some clothing materials that can be washed with a temperature of 190 Fare linen or towels. So for other types of clothing, you should use a lower temperature.

2. Use a washing machine for clothing that is very dirty or very stained

Very dirty clothes should be soaked first and then washed or rubbed by hand. After being given stain remover liquid, then put in the washing machine. Because if it is inserted directly into the washing machine, the dirt or stain will not be lifted 100 percent. Stains that are still imprinting that can slow the sea to damage your clothes.

3. Excessive use of detergent and softener is actually not good for your clothes

Thinking that the more detergents and softeners we use will make our clothes cleaner and softer is a mistake. This can actually have a negative impact on the clothes you wash. Excessive detergents can clog detergent containers and cause unpleasant odors. While using too much softener makes clothes so hard to rinse. Therefore look at the dosage on the packaging. And if your clothes are really dirty, then soak and wash them by hand first.

4. Washing jeans or denim too often will quickly make your clothes fade

As one of your favorite clothing materials, jeans or denim you definitely use every day. Because often used, of course, you will often wash it. Even though washing jeans is often not good, you know. Denim manufacturers even recommend not washing the clothing material using a washing machine if you want to maintain the color longer. Or you can wash it in a period of 2-6 months. But remember, this depends on how often you use jeans and how your body characteristics. To get rid of the odor, it is usually windy enough too ~

5. The way you dry your clothes after washing using a machine also has an effect, you know

Incorrect drying can also affect your clothes. Some of the things you need to pay attention to when drying clothes include:

  • Do not dry it too often, because it can make clothes wear out quickly and lose color faster
  • Do not use automatic drying for thin and smooth materials
  • Do not make clothes too dry because it will only make it difficult to iron
  • Material made of knitted or wool should not be hung or hung because it will change its shape
  • Before drying, straighten the cloth first to avoid wrinkles

6. The way you take care of the washing machine is also influential, you know, your clothes

Dirt, residue from detergent, and everything collected in the washing machine will gradually stick to your clothes causing white stains or foul odors. To prevent this, you can follow the simple rules for maintaining a washing machine:

  • Cool the washing machine after use
  • Remove the remaining detergent from rubber on the door of the washing machine
  • Rinse the detergent container regularly
  • Once a month, use a washing machine that is empty and then put one detergent spoon and 4 cups of vinegar to disinfect

Well, if you want your clothes to last longer when you wash using a washing machine, then don’t ignore these crucial things. Especially if you always use a washing machine for all types of your clothes. Maybe it won’t look like once or twice, but if it’s already dry your clothes can be damaged, easily fade, and even change shape. Honey right?